YAD DESIGN studio will help to create a functional and stylish space


  • Spare your nerves

    You will receive a competently executed project and reliable contractors

    You’ll find the finished layout of your apartment in a week. So you don’t need to rack your brains on how to turn the bed or where it’s better to put a fridge. Replanning also in a week.

  • Save time

    Decoration materials, furniture, lighting and sanitary engineering will be selected in advance.

    Building takes a lot of time and forces. Starting from the moment when you can’t decide which room to make a bedroom, and ending with answers to questions of an electrician such as ‘where to hide the LED strip adapter’

  • Reduce costs

    We’ll save you from
    remakes and
    excess purchases.

    Competently executed project will save you against the mistakes that people make trying to "save" on the services of an architect. The demolition of walls, doorways transfer, uncomfortable passages furniture cutting is a result of such "savings".

What is interior design for?

Most people consider the interior design an extra luxury or an extra item in the budget of all repairs. It would seem, is that really hard to choose the walls color or where and how the furniture will be placed? All is simple and you can plan interior design yourself at first sight. You have a plan of premises, a sheet of paper and a pencil. It takes two hours and as much for the disputes with your family till done. You may run to the shops and buy all for a perfect repair.

But it’s different on practice. It turns out that already during the repair process or at the stage of arranging the furniture, there wasn’t enough wallpaper, the linoleum was cut incorrectly, and the sofa didn't find room where was planned. And it is only a miserable part of all difficulties that may arise due to improper planning and calculations when repairing an apartment.

Competent interior design planning it is not only nice picked color of wallpaper and tile. But first and foremost it’s well-designed space whose functionality is thought out to the smallest detail. Well thought out of arranging furniture, items, household appliances will help to avoid the eternal problem of a lack of outlets or unpleasant blows to the corners of furniture during operation.

You will be delighted by the smallest interior details such as a bedside table, when you comfortably put there a cup of cocoa and a TV remote in the evening.

Any room, whether it's an apartment, office or cafe, requires a competent miscalculation of all the little things. They will add up a comfort and the convenience of using furniture and household appliances. The aesthetic part of interior design is also not the last question when planning spaces. For example, the poorly selected color of the walls in the living room can simply annoy you, and you won’t even understand what is the cause of emotional overload. And too bright or too dim light devices may cause health problems.

The interior designer will help to avoid all these unpleasant trifles and will help you find a comfortable and cozy space that will ensure the correct and convenient operation of live or working area. Layout interior design costs are not as high as they seem at first sight. In comparing with a very frequent overpayment by workers, spoiled materials or the remaking of finished parts of an object. As a rule “Forgotten” woe - by electricians and plumbers not laid cables or pipes, lead to the dismantling of the finished walls and huge additional costs, which sometimes reach up to a third, or even half, of the entire budget. This is calculated at the stage of plans and drawings of all communications when planning interior design. Interior designer supervision will help to avoid unscrupulous work during the repair process.

The item of expenses for an interior design project creation is not more than ten percent of the total budget in most estimates for the repair of premises.

Ensure a comfortable life by planning every inch of your space.


Create project for a private house, cozy apartment or a space for business.

  • image description ARCHITECTURE

    Architectural design. Create an object in which you will be comfortable living and working.

  • image description Interior Design

    Designing residential and commercial spaces.

  • image description Author's supervision

    Project support and implementation assistance

  • image description Comprehensive Services

    Project + field supervision + estimate

  • image description Consultation

    Help in choosing the best option even at the stage of buying a residence or place for business


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